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Dr. Alan DeCarlo
Dr. Alan DeCarlo, Medical Doctor
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Can i be getting some heart related issues? I have tons of

Customer Question

Can i be getting some heart related issues?I have tons of chest pain, sometimes shortness of breath and im light headed, i went ot the ER (my third time going in the last 3 months) yesterday they did and ekg x ray and blood test and told me i was fine, i had a stress test 2 years ago and cardiologist said i was fine. i am 28 years old, but i am also scared, when i was hooked on the monitor yesterday on the er 3 PVC's appeared, and the chest pain keeps happening, can it be something they arent seeing? i am on blood pressure medicine (lisinopril 20 mg, and nadolod 40mg). now is controll 138/92. I am very it really all anxiety?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cardiology
Expert:  Dr. Alan DeCarlo replied 1 year ago.

A good ER evaluation should exclude any acute cardiac issues. Also PVCs are very common and nothing to worry about in the absence of any other cardiac issues. You did not describe your chest pain; but again a good clinical assessment, lab, EKG etc. should have excluded anything warranting an admission to the hospital or other urgent testing. This again implies that the ER staff did not have a high index of suspicion for a serious problem.

Because you are overweight and being treated for high blood pressure you should contact the Cardiologist who tested you 2 years ago and let him decide if you need another stress test.

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