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Dr .Saeed ahmed
Dr .Saeed ahmed, Doctor
Category: Cardiology
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Experience:  MBBS/FCPS/MRCP U.K(R), Senior Registrar Cardiology
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1st September 2013 at 79 years of age I had a triple bypass.

Customer Question

1st September 2013 at 79 years of age I had a triple bypass. I had a lot of family stress from my son (now 43) and my wife and I am certain that was the root cause. I had monitored my health blood pressure )normal) for years and the last 3 months up to surgery I had vision problems. The day before surgery I saw my doctor, who said I was crying wolf. The next day at 6 am, I ran to the ER when my blood pressure ran up to 180 and they took me in for surgery the next morning. I am well and play tennis and engage in all my activities as had been in the past. My problem is I get a smell from within my body which may be from the wire that was used to tie-up the ribs together. I believe that may also be cause I have teeth problems, which 'my dentist asked me this morning' about; if I have reflux problems. My reflux is under control since the 80's with Omerprazole, and I have no concern. I mentioned the smell to the dentist so we do not construe it with 'reflux'.The smell from within drives me up the wall. The surgeon has no answer, nor does my family doctor.
I am Sydney Nanayakkara age 81, and no one wants to believe me more than 55 years of age and I do feel about the same. I have no other illness, only prescription is for Cholestrol and an Aspirin. I live in SLC, Utah and live alone. I acknowledge my age, and I am in good health but for the stress I endured. Divorce in 1995 helped me eliminate my wife and son, team, but the damage was done. I am well except for the smell I am trying to get rid of. Thank you.
Sydney Nanayakkara***** SLC, Utah84106(###) ###-#### *****:-***@******.***
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cardiology
Expert:  Dr. Phil, MD replied 1 year ago.

what does it smell like?