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My nephew is 18 and lives with s father. He just told my

Customer Question

My nephew is 18 and lives with his father. He just told my sister that according to an EEG he had that he has had a heart attack and may have to have surgery. He states that he will find out the first week of Dec. I am finding this hard to believe. I know that if he was indeed that bad would they not do something now instead of waiting and isnt it unusal for a child of his age to have a heart attack, unless they have something congentital going on or are doing something they shouldnt be doing?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cardiology
Expert:  abray1115 replied 1 year ago.


I agree with you that the account does sound very very unlikely. An EKG could be abnormal in an 18 year old but a heart attack would be exceedingly rare at his age. Something very unusual would have to be going on...there may be some misunderstanding as to diagnosis and treatment plan...if he had certain problems such as SVT( superventriculat tachycardia -- produces very rapid runs of heart rate) Such a problem may be treated with an ablation procedure to prevent the abnormal heart rhythm...

I lost this as an example of a problem POSSIBLE in an 18 year old that might be misconstrued as a "heart attack" but that would not be an accurate account of what was going on ..

The young fellow might be telling a tall tale for impact as a possibility ???

He might have SOMETHING of a cardiac nature but may be just very inaccurate as to what his issue is vs what he is describing ....

For example perhaps his doctor heard a murmur and plans an echocardiogram next month ??

It is hard to say from the history as to exactly what is truly going on.

Speak with his father to get more likely an accurate account as to what is really going on....

It would be common for a teenager to get facts very wrong in reporting something second hand of a medical nature ...

I agree with you that the given history sounds most implausible ...

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