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I have daily sharp chest pain above left breast below collar

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I have daily sharp chest pain above left breast below collar bone very sharp and burning sometimes becomes dull motrin gives me a slight releif for hour or so ive had many ekgs normal nucleae heart scan normal calcium score 0 it feals hard to catch my breathe on that side sometimes lying down releives it also it causes much anxiety not knowing its constant and daily
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It sounds pleuritic in nature meaning inflammation of the lining of the lungs.

I would get a chest xray to rule out other potential causes but if motrin helps its likely that or muscle related

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ive had this pain for sometime really sharp when i smoke sometimes and left arm numbness but many negative heart tests it drives me crazy worrying about my heart the pain alwats seems to be there
Makes sense to me.

Smoking causes inflammation in the lungs.

I doubt its your heart.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
O.k it also goes up my neck an jaw also i must add so could it be musoskelital or from smoking and my aanxiety hightens it cause of my constant observation of the pain and my heart??

I think that description you gave is spot on.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So anxiety can cause all these pains and feelings and insecurity of all the negative heart tests and mimickall the signs of heart problems??? Should i be able to resolve these if i get rid of the anxietu and knowing i should quit smoking..and i guess with all the tests i should really quit worrying about my heaet slo it os possible for all this to be from anxiett??
Yes, yes and yes!

Quit smoking and relax

It's not your heart. :)
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