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I just started lisinipril for situational high blood

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I just started lisinipril for situational high blood pressure. I am also diabetic. 15 years ago, I lost a kidney to cancer and now that I have diabetes, ( 2 years) I try to be careful about the meds I take. I take regular metformin and gimipiride. Trilipix for cholest/triglicerides.
Will lisinipril hurt my kidney ? Thank you
Hello and Welcome to Justanswer
Thank you very much for your question
It is actually excellent and quite beneficial for kidney
Diabetes is known to cause kidney damage (diabetic nephropathy) and drugs from class ACE Inhibitors like Lisinopril have shown to be kidney protective
They decrease incidence of developing nephropathy and also prevent its progression if it is already there
Its benefits are proved in many trials and it is recommended (by American Heart Association) as a compelling indication in diabetes to start with these drugs even if blood pressure is normal
You are welcome for any further queries
Best Regards
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Is there a lisinipril that also has a small amount of diuretic in it? If so, Is that safe as well ?
It also comes in combination with thiazide type diuretic
Lisinopril (Zestril) with Hydrochlorthiazide (HCT)
Thiazide diuretics can cause loose control of blood sugar levels and cholesterol so your cholesterol and diabetic drugs might need adjustment
They are safe in combination and are used frequently in practice
You are welcome for any further clarification
Best Regards
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am so sorry, but what is " loose control of blood sugar levels". Do you mean, they will run higher ??
Also.... would the triamterene hctz be too much for my kidney ?
Thank you again,
they will go high
Deranged control of sugar and cholesterol leading to higher numbers is a side effect of thiazide diuretic so their treatment might need adjustment
This combination is also used for blood pressure but situation varies as per indications
There are certain situations where certain drugs are preferable over others due to their higher efficacy(compelling indications)
For example
Heart attack with high blood pressure......Beta blockers
Diabetes with high blood pressure.......ACE Inhibitors
Heart Failure and Blood pressure.....Ace inhibitors
So presence of diabetes warrants addition of Lisinopril over diuretics at the first place
You are welcome for further queries
Best Regards
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