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I have an Infiniti J 30 1995. Last week I put in a new

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Hi. I have an Infiniti J 30 1995. Last week I put in a new battery thanks to AAA. The old battery had one bad cell. A few weeks before that AAA came to charge it and there was no reference to a bad cell. Today driving the battery light is very faintly red on my dashboard. What should I do? Thanks.

hi there

im cam, a licenced diagnostic tech.
a battery light on the dash is generally the signs of low charge. if its just faintly red, it could be charging just at the minimum voltage to trip the light.
you will need to have the charging system tested to check for a faulty alternator.
the running charging voltage should be around the 14.1 volts.

some of the larger parts stores will test your battery and running voltage for free. this can also help eliminate a defective battery

i am leaning towards a alternator though

let me know if i can assist you any further!

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Customer: replied 9 days ago.
Hi. The battery is fine. The alternator is fine. Red battery light still faintly on. Next steps pls? Thanks.

I need a little more info on how the alternator was tested other than "its fine"

it is the internal circuit of the alternator that controls that light on the cluster so if the regulator is grounding that wire out than the alternator is faulty..

the connector with the black and yellow wire must be unplugged and see if the light goes out.

ground that wire and the light should come on full.

grounding and ungrounding that wire should make the light go on and off

if it does, than your alternator is faulty

if it stays dimmly lit with the alternator conneector unplugged than you have either a cluster problem or the wire to the back of the cluster s grounding somewhere and you will have to pull harness apart and ffind where it is grounding

Customer: replied 8 days ago.
Hi. I made an appointment with Pep Boys and started the car to drive there and the light did not come on. Will monitor it for 24 hours and then get back to you. Thank you.

no problem

it is usually internal alternator problem that trips the light on falsely .

let me know how you make out!

please dont forget to rate me and i am always available for follow upsm


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