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Is it possible to fix or insert a brake booster for pajero

Customer Question

Is it possible to fix or insert a brake booster for pajero super exceed (2002) manually or it can only be done using a special tool. Do you have any dealers in Australia that I can purchase one brake booster from?
JA: What year is your Special?
Customer: Its 2002. We bought one but the brake booster needs to be fitted in to allow for easy braking. Right now we have to press hard on the brakes. The accelerator is soft touch while the brake we have to really depress it to get it moving.
JA: How many miles are on the car? Are these the orignial brakes?
Customer: 66000ks
JA: Are you fixing your Special yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: No am not a mechanic. i need someone to get it fixed but wanted to check if it can be done manually then i can get the mechanic to fix it otherwise i will be spending more at the car dealer cos their costings are so dear.
JA: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: The vehicle is in good running condition.. service is all up to date but just that brake booster. Serial # V75W-0202739
Klms – 66992
Year 02
Model # TA-V75W-LYXCQ
Engine # 6G74
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Matt replied 1 month ago.


the truck should already have a brake booster fitted?

if its not working then you don't have to use a dealership to replace it but I would say to use a Mitsubishi specialist

however one thing to be aware of is there's a recall on the hydraulic accumulator sphere for the pajero so before doing anything else its well worth getting in touch with your local Mitsubishi dealer to see if your VIN falls into the recall area as they will fit and replace free of charge

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thanks for your response. According to the invoice we received from the previous owners the details below shows what was done by the car dealers who deal with Mitsubishi. So at this point in time i am not too sure if the brake booster is in place or was removed by the car dealer.
Job#1 Remove and replace brake booster -
faulty brake booster removed and replaced brake accumulator but still brake booster making noise.Job#2
Carry out checks by using DTC’s scan tool to diagnose lights showing on the dash board
(brake lamp light illuminate)
(ABS warning lamp illuminate).
When we got the vehicle the noise was still on however after driver it around the noise is no longer there as well as the brake noise but the brakes is hard when we press on it and we have to apply pressure on it. Please advise.
Expert:  Matt replied 1 month ago.


OK looks like the accumulator / booster sphere has already been changed

in that case I'd check that the vacuum line from the engine and its 1 way valve to the main booster is all intact and not leaking