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Need to Program 1 Button Key Fob On Range Rover.

Customer Question

How to program my 1 button key fob on a 1995 Range Rover Classic? I tried it several times and nothing.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Matt replied 11 months ago.


OK try this procedure

Note: This process must be carried out in 8 seconds to access learn mode. Best done with two people. You should have both remotes available or the second one will not work.

  1. Open hood and have assistant hold hood alarm switch down.
  2. With all doors closed and lock knobs up turn the ignition key on then off.
  3. Cycle drivers door button down then up.
  4. Assistant should then release the hood switch.
  5. Turn ignition on then off.
  6. If done correctly, horn will beep once and dash LED will light up. This indicates the learn mode has been accessed. If this doesn't happen repeat 1 thru 6.
  7. From inside car push and hold first remote. The dash LED should flash 8 cycles a second for one second, indicating that the code was received. If this does not happen repeat steps 1 thru 6 again.
  8. Push and hold the second remote if the code is received the dash LED will flash 8 cycles indicating that the code was received. If this does not happen repeat 1 thru 7 again.

Note: Turning the ignition on at any time will cancel the learning process.
The system can only store two remote codes and must be done one at a time.
If you only have one remote, program it twice.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Matt, like I mentioned earlier..I already had the instructions you googled. I was to believe that the site had a different approach to my problem. Please read the questionnaire above.
Expert:  Matt replied 11 months ago.


in that case try doing a full reset by disconnecting the battery cables and clamping them together for 10 mins. Remove both battery leads from the battery then use a nut and bolt or G-clamp to hold both battery lead terminals together.

This discharges any capacitors / memory within the ECU and around the car so ensures all memory settings are wiped clear - back to the factory default.

This will reset all the systems on the car and you may need the radio security code to get it going again, and ensure that the keys are in your hand when you re-connect the battery as the car may lock and turn on the alarm

you will then need to run through te key sync process again