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I have a 1989 Nissan Pathfinder and in the morning while I

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I have a 1989 Nissan Pathfinder and in the morning while I start to drive and it reaches 30mph the Rhine stumbles,losing power till I back off accelerator. It will run okay after that except if I try to accelerate any time and there's no power again. Also when I start it in the morning it cranks,but won't start till I crank it again. Prior to this it always started the first time, every time. Battery is new, starter also good. If I get to 75mph, which for me is not the usual, my choice, the car will buck and lose power again. I bought this car new and have maintained it all these years, it looks great! Thanks for any help you can offer!
JA: Have you checked the engine's fuel supply? And the spark plugs -- are they all working?
Customer: Spark plugs changed last year, Nissan Dealership said they checked fuel pump after I smelled gas coming from the right real wheel after parking car on my driveway.
JA: Are you fixing your Pathfinder yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: I take care of all minor maintenance over the years. The dealer one month ago were stumped after they've been taking care of major problems on my car for 15years .
JA: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: I thought it might be the fuel pump, but when I get up to speed it runs pretty smooth as it always has until I try to accelerate and I had planned to put a gauge on the fuel pump to check the pressre.

Hello and welcome to just answer. I need to ask a few questions so I can get a picture to better help you.have you checked for any codes ? had the fuel system cleaned?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Hello Mr.Bagley,haven't had a chance to answer till now. The only cleaning I've done is add injector cleaner to the tank. Nissan dealership has changed my injectors over the years and said it wasn't the injectors this time. They worked on my car over two months ago and said it was an open circuit somewhere. After 5hours they said they were wrong and checked my ecm. They didn't tell me the codes so I learned how to do it. One code listed said "injector circuit" The second one said "crank angle sensor" the third one listed #55 no malfunction. Curious it lists that after giving the other two.

LOL now you know why we go bonkers. Well if one code is relating to the crank angle that would be your crank sensor or it's circuit. I really don't know why they can;t put it on a scanner and read all these sensor inputs and wave patterns how they are performing? Looks like they are guessing. Have you got an vacumm gauge to check manifold vacumm? ask them to check your map sensor and or the air hose going from the air cleaner to the throttle body for tightness and any cracks. could you get me the exact codes they had would help here.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Hi Mr. Bagley, Nissan didn't tell me any codes, they just said the ecm wasn't "phasing"with the injector. They said I need a new ecm. They then said Nissan doesn't even have a number for it since it's not available. The guys there even tried to find aftermarket and said none available. I went home and went on my one site which is an OEM Nissan site and not only found the part number,but said can get! Also aftermarket I found right away from the Cardone company too. I called another Nissan dealership and posed the same question about getting an ecm from Nissan. They said maybe,but didn't believe they could flash it for my car!! I said "are you certain Nissan can't do this???Im not sure why Nissan is acting this way? Anyway the codes I recorded are: 11,55 and 51. I'm not sure I want to go back to Nissan because they don't seem interested enough to try anything else! I've been a great customer with them for 15years!! Thanks

I had written a booklet on how to deal with this very type of service your getting. What I recommend is to escalate to the manager if no resolve , the owner ,then to Nissan customer service. Don't lie down and take this if you spent your hard earned money there on one of their products. tell them exactly what you told me . They obviously are screwing you around because if something wasn't communicating with the ECU they would have a code. I looked and can't find any code with those numbers you gave me. I will give you a link and you can look yourself at all the codes applicable to your vehicle. If you do not want to see if Nissan customer service can help let me know and we can proceed but won't be easy.

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