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Ok so I have this 2006 kia sedona 3.8L,,which I thought I

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Ok so I have this 2006 kia sedona 3.8L,,which I thought I had fixed it but apparently not so at first I was getting codes for no.2 cylinder missing so I replaced all spark plugs and moved some coils around which they work except on no.2,,,so now I have misfire on no.2 and no.5,,,can it be a bad cam or crank sensor??,,what tests can i do??

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Check fuel injectors for proper operation with an injector tester and make sure they are getting powered by the computer.

Check engine compression with a gauge.

These are the only items left that can cause misfires.

Thanks, Ron

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
What compression should cylinders have??,,I don't have a injector tester,can I use it multimeter or test light?,,should I just buy one ?

You need to have the proper tools.Most parts stores will loan them to you for a deposit. Compression should be about 170 PSI.

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Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Going to get a injector tester but how do i check the back 3 injectors if I have to remove intake to get to them?does car have to be on?

You check the injectors with a machine, you don't pull them out

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I was able to get an autel diagnostic tool,is there a way to check injectors with it?

No, you need an actual fuel pressure gauge and the injector tester to attach to it too and you need to know how it works as well. Most parts stores will loan these to you, give you instructions and readings to follow for just a deposit. Please rate me now and we can then continue out conversation if you still need help later on.


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