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My 2014 suzuku grand vitara delivers a consumption of 11.3.

Customer Question

dear sir, my 2014 suzuku grand vitara delivers a consumption of 11.3. Am I able to run her in neutral to improve on this figure? thank you, Sue,
queensland, australia
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Gary replied 12 months ago.

Hi Sue,

Fuel consumption has many variables which can be all addressed.

Running in neutral is not advised, since the engine offers no engine braking effect when descending a hill.

Just as important is the engine uses no fuel above about 1500rpm and no throttle.

So the more time you can spend in forward motion with no throttle input will decrease your average fuel usage.

Other hints include to get moving from a cold start, gentle driving etc.

Avoid excessive idling, traffic jams, short trips, hard acceleration.

I have proved to a young guy a few years ago, where he was complaining of 20l/100, and I achieved 8l/100.

I hope this helps.

Gary (Brisbane)

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Thank you very much Gary. I shall definitely not drive in Neutral. I have been away from home since placing this request and will now open the balance of information. Your advice re not letting her idle is most likely going to help, ie I often leave the engine/aircon on for the sake of my 92yo Mum, while I attend to her shopping etc.
Please feel free to take the $20 balance from this appreciative and satisfied customer. Sue.
Expert:  Gary replied 12 months ago.

Hi Sue,

I understand that you need to do that for your Mum.

It is surprising how much impact it can make though.

In the end, there may be nothing abnormal about your car, and health of family members certainly outways the extra fuel cost.

I hope my advice has been of assistance to you.

Kind regards


Expert:  Gary replied 11 months ago.

Hi again Sue,

Have you noticed any difference in your fuel consumption if you have made any changes to driving habits etc?

I hope all I have mentioned may make a difference for you.

Kind regards.