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2005 gmc savanna Just had transmission rebuilt abd front tie

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2005 gmc savanna
Just had transmission rebuilt abd front tie rods replaced and now I noticed two issues
One when accelerating I hear and feel through gas pedal a rub of sorts consistent with wheel rotation but I'm thinking maybe something to do with transmission ?
Other problem I'm guessing related to tie tods and not getting alignments or wheel ls balanced afterwards is the entire van shaking bill rely and wobbling steering wheel included once I reach speeds above 55 mph also if I hit or drive over a dip or some type of road imperfection at those speeds especially if in a slight curve the van goes from wobbling to violontely wobbling shaking and shuttering if you get what I saying
What can these two problems most likely cause be thanks to ?

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

The noise may be a number of things and it's going to take some in person diagnostics to know exactly where it's coming from. The problem could be an internal trans issue but it may be related to a CV shaft, motor mount, or it could be something out of place. An a/c or power steering line, heat shield, etc may be out of place/bent/damaged in a way that items are contacting each other when the powertrain shifts under acceleration and that is causing the noise.

The other issue sounds as if it's presenting a safety issue and I would recommend getting that repaired as soon as possible. You may have a tire with a broken belt or more loose steering or suspension components, or it could definitely be related to replacing the tie rod ends. An alignment after replacing tie rod ends isn't optional and if it wasn't done then toe is going to be incorrect. If it's off far enough then it could be causing what you're having, and if it's off that far then it's going to quickly wear the tires off.

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