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I have a 2009 Mini Clubman S with a engine. Do you think it

Customer Question

I have a 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman S with a Blown engine. Do you think it makes sense to try and put a used or refurbished engine in it, and sell it? Approximately how much should that run with labor? If it is not a good idea where would one try to sell a pretty car carcus?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  David Gieswein replied 1 year ago.

Hello and good evening. My name is ***** ***** I might have some good info for you.

Expert:  David Gieswein replied 1 year ago.

According to, there is currently a class action lawsuit against BMW mini cooper. When reading the website I found that your vehicle, the 09 mini cooper clubman, can be a part of the suit. It says, "Skeen and Freeman are seeking to represent a proposed class of all persons in the U.S. who currently or previously owned or leased a model year 2007 through 2009 Mini Cooper Hardtop or 2008-2009 Mini Cooper Clubman with an N12 or N14 engine and paid to repair or replace any engine components as a result of a defect in the timing chain tensioner". That being said, I would say yes it would be a good investment if the lawyers don't charge an arm for doing the case. If joining the suit isn't your cup of tee, there is currently a 2009 mini cooper clubman going for $8995 on craigslist OKC. The average price I found for an engine was $2000-$3500. Labor should be around 8hrs to replace this engine max. So 8hrsx$100/hr=$800+$100(antifreeze, Freon, oil, filter, etc).

So if we calculate the cost of labor and the engine you get anywhere from $2900-$4400. Now if you were to get lets say $9000 for your car. $9000-$2900=$6100 profit.

Furthermore, if you sold your car for $9000-$3500=$5500 profit. Either way low or high end you are looking good. I would definitely do it. The price you ask will depend on clean the car is, body, and mileage. Let me know if you need anything else! And please rate me!

Expert:  john aka eauto replied 1 year ago.

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