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The answer to my question was no answer. I have no

Customer Question

.The answer to my question was no answer. I have no leak....Why did I lose my transmission oil.. Mechanic did not answer this. He was stuck on a leak. Ver disappointing answer.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Jared D replied 1 year ago.
What type of vehicle do you have?
Expert:  Eric replied 1 year ago.
HI,There are only 2 reasons to lose transmission fluid where there is fluid on the transmission or underneath it - either a leak, or a restriction in the system or pump failure that caused pressure to build up in the transmission and cause the fluid to be blown out the vent tube. If you are 100% positive that there is no external leak, then you have an internal transmission issue that is causing pressure to build up - restriction in it, pump failure. In either cause of transmission fluid being blown out the vent tube, the transmission will require being pulled and torn down to find cause and repair as needed