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I have Range Rover Sport HSE 2012 3.0 diesel. There 2

Customer Question

Hi, I have Range Rover Sport HSE 2012 3.0 diesel. There 2 Problems with audio player:
1. Some tracks on USB player are not plaid. I'm getting message that it cannot be played
2. Sometimes it completely stops playing songs from USB card (it plays radio and CD track ok though) and it only plays again after car is switched off and stopped for longer time (I watched off the car for few minutes and tried to play tracks from USB but it did not work, it requires longer time to be switched off)
Another problem is that clock is getting reset to different times after a while (normally when car is switched off).
Any help would be much appreciated
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Classic Car Service replied 1 year ago.

Hello. Welcome to Just Answer. Please allow me to assist you. Whilst Range Rovers are not my 'specialty', USB is USB no matter what vehicle it is in. USB sockets are very 'finicky' devices. I once battled an issue in a Toyota tundra where my iPod would work, but the customer's iPod would not work thru the USB. Sometimes, the customer's wife's iPod would work, other times, not. Since all 3 iPods were identical (all same IOS, version, etc), we decided to replace the USB port. Instant success. We do not know what or why it was intermittent with the other two devices and OK with mine, but, the root here is the replacement USB socket was the cure. I would recommend you replace the USB socket. Regarding the clock losing time: in most vehicles, the clock timer is on a constantly powered circuit. The display is form a separate circuit. If your clock is losing power, You might have a battery plate issue or a possible body computer issue. That issue needs to be looked at by a Range Rover electrical tech. An issue like that would be hard to diagnose via Just Answer.

Expert:  Classic Car Service replied 1 year ago.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
1. Some tracks on USB player are not played. I'm getting message that it cannot be played - that was the first question(fact is that all the songs are recorded as exactly the same program).
2. Problems is not that some USBs are working and others are not (initially all the USBs are working ok). Problem is that after some time it stops playing tracks from USB. Computer can read all the list of tracks but it just does not play them.
3. Clock is on the computer (the touch screen where all the audio/sat nav/phone options go through) and I thought it takes the electricity from the same circuit as display?
Expert:  Classic Car Service replied 1 year ago.

Assuming the USB is good, the most common issue is the actual product from the copy of the recording. If something is copied (disc to computer, disc to flash drive, or off of the internet, any line noise will sometimes corrupt the program/download/copy and cause the track to not play. If it plays good on a computer USB port, the data is corrupted (a computer has much more oversampling than vehicle audio player to the point that vehicle audio unit cannot 'read' the track data), which results in 'certain' tracks to not reproduce sound.

Second, there could be a heat issue with the USB, or the section of the radio that the USB is connected to. If it works OK cold, and 5 minutes later it stops, this could be a heat related issue.

3.) The clock timer circuit (the actual counting device) is separate from the display unit, unless your clock display is on 100% of the time (whgich would kill the battery). The clock Timer circuit consumes only a tiny bit of power, less then the radio station memory feature.