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I am looking to purchase a very clean 2003 Bentley Anage R

Customer Question

I am looking to purchase a very clean 2003 Bentley Anage R with only 23k miles on the car from a dealer for $46k. I have all service records. Are there any problems I should know or be aware of with this vehicle? Never owned a Bentley
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Matt replied 1 year ago.


there's a few things to be aware of


generally rust isn't a problem however, the part of the body most likely to rot is hidden from view as it's where the inner wing meets the main bodyshell. This is caused by water getting in behind the wheelarch liner, which was not always fitted exactly as it should be at the factory. For any car you buy, it's wise to have it professionally rust-proofed

The only other item to check is the windscreen, which is made from thinner glass than previous Bentleys. It should be in perfect condition, but also make sure it's not damaged if any work has be carried out behind the dash as the screen will need to come out for this.


the early ( pre 2007) cars can chew up camshafts due to poor ECU programming. This is most common between 40,000 and 70,000 miles and will be noticeable as a misfire to begin with. If the camshaft is destroyed, it will be more cost-effective and a safer long-term bet to replace the whole engine. New parts to sort an engine with damaged camshaft comes to $10,000 in parts alone plus labour to remove, repair and reinstall the motor. A new engine direct from Bentley is $26,000.

The Arnage has two batteries, one for starting the car and another for all of the ancillary systems. While the starter battery can be in perfect condition, the system's battery can go flat and cause lots of minor niggles, so best to budget $200 for a replacement on any car you look at.

The final weak spot under the Arnage's hood are the rear exhaust clamps, which crack and fall off. When they break, a flange makes it tricky to replace them. However, replacing them before they break is a good idea


Worn bushes or drop links will be heard as clonks or rattles from the suspension. Wheel bearings are not a weak spot but replacing them is a time consuming job due to the design of the hub that makes removal difficult, so listen out for any whines from the wheels.

The electro-hydraulic rear dampers have gas-filled spheres that are more prone to failing on pre-2007 models as they are positioned underneath the car. For 2007 facelift cars, the spheres moved to inside the boot. Replacement spheres are easy to get hold of and vary in price from $100 to $250 depending on the model year and whether you choose a new one or a regassed sphere.

Don't automatically assume the suspension is worn or the spheres need replacing if the ride on an Arnage T is very firm. as the car will default to a hard ride if the auxiliary systems battery goes flat, so a new battery is a much cheaper place to start investigations. Another electrical system for the Arnage is tyre pressure monitoring, which became standard across the range in 2007.

The rear suspension was also revised in 2005 with repositioned lower mounting points for the damper on the lower arm rather than the upright. Along with reworked bushes, this gave an improved and handling.

Brake pipes also corrode and leak. The design of the routing of the rear brake pipes makes them tricky and expensive to replace with pipes following the original routing as the back subframe has to be removed. Specialists can now replace the rear brake pipes without removing the subframe by re-routing the pipes.

The vented brakes discs for the Arnage T are 348mm on the front and 345mm at the back. In 2004, 19-inch alloy wheels became standard, along with Pirelli tyres. One point to watch here is the brakes can fail if the clevis pin seizes due to poor maintenance.

Expert:  Matt replied 1 year ago.


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