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Wolfgang, Master Auto Tech
Category: Car
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I had a weird experience with my 2013 Bentley GT V8 Roadster

Customer Question

I had a weird experience with my 2013 Bentley GT V8 Roadster this morning. My rear passenger window won't close completely, the trunk will not open using the key fob and the car alarm kept going off and on even as I drove the vehicle. Then I noticed that the clock on the dash keeps reseting to 12:00. The car is running fine and everything else seems in fine shape. Any suggestions? thank you,
David Jemison
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Wolfgang replied 1 year ago.

Hello I'm Wolfgang. On your vehicle you have 2 batteries. A starter battery and a vehicle electrics battery (left). Both are located in the trunk area. The left battery is the culprit. Most likely cause of this. Replace that battery. It is a special battery. AGM BATTERY. Audi and Vw dealers carry that battery After a scan tool is needed to clear all fault codes and relearn the windows and trunk stops. These batteries last 3 yrs w/o a trickle charger on the electrics battery. These cars usually sits and the batter will loose life after a while.

Anything else? If not please rate my service to you on your issue ! Thanks