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I have a International 4300 DT466. I am losing coolant and

Customer Question

I have a International 4300 DT466. I am losing coolant and my first thought was egr cooler but I put on a bullet proof egr cooler 50k ago when the motor was rebuilt. But here is the thing that most leads me away from the cooler. It does not loose coolant during operation. Only when you shut it off and it Completely cools. Upon first start there will be a plume of white smoke and a noticeable loss of coolant before you turn it over. Then runs perfect the rest of the day with no coolant loss. My thought is if it were the cooler the exhaust would not be hot enough at first start to heat it enough to vaporize it. What are your thoughts?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Travis A. Wells replied 1 year ago.

I have ran into cracked cylinder heads that can do this. Coolant sits behind the intake valve and when you crank it over, it will smoke and run a little rough then clear up. Pulling the valve cover and oil pan and pressurizing the cooling system was how the problem was found. Being that the crack was in the intake port the boost pressure was enough to keep the coolant in the engine while running, after sitting the coolant would build up behind the valve if the valve was open it would put just enough to sit in the top of the piston. Most of the time with a bad egr cooler you will notice that the pressure in the radiator goes up very quickly if you start the engine while cold, drive it around the shop and park it there will be pressure in the radiator. It's possible that a badly cracked head could cause that as well, but you would be seeing coolant trails from the exhaust manifold/pipes. A quick check of the oil dip stick that revels rust even if the oil doesn't look milky or white is usually a sign of internal leakage. What year of engine is this?