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Category: Car
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Experience:  I am a second generation Porsche technician and restoration specialist.
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RE: 2008 4 cyl Rav 4- cabin interior/passenger floor gets

Customer Question

RE: 2008 4 cyl Rav 4- cabin interior/passenger floor gets wet after a rain! Seems to affect battery life also! Mechanics are stumped. What gives?
Submitted: 1 year ago via
Category: Car
Expert:  dr914jr replied 1 year ago.

Ha, Mechanics? Wait for a few consecutive dry days and bust out the garden hose. Wet the entire car down in the driveway. You might even want to place a lovely assistant in the passenger seat to listen for water entering the cabin. Make sure you blast the windshield enough to get the AC fresh air intake. You probably have a loose drain at the bottom of the air box that is allowing water to pour straight into the passenger compartment. Do the windshield first. If you don't see any water in the car after that, blast the door next. At that point you just find the pool and start working your way up. Finding a water leak is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with your wife, and with any luck, she wont charge you the $80 your mechanic would charge you to do the exact same thing.