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My air conditioner fan motor goes off if I hit a bump in the

Customer Question

My air conditioner fan motor goes off if I hit a bump in the road and comes back on if I hit the steering wheel, did this for about a month now won't come on at all
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Jan Andersson replied 2 years ago.
Hi, Do you mean the blower motor under the dash? So you have no air coming out of the vents, not hot or cold? If there was a poor connection at a wire connector (pigtail), it usually generates heat, sometimes enough to melt the plastic housing and cause the connectors to lose contact completely. A closer look at the wire connector is needed. If the shop "fixed" it before and it worked again, I think they are working on the right part, just need to do a better job at repairing or replacing the connector. It COULD also be something else, like the typical blower motor resistor going bad. They could also get hurt if the motor connection was bad or the motor was going bad. The motor itself can start drawing more Amps when it wears out, and it puts a higher load on all the components feeding it. I generally try to eliminate or confirm the motor itself first, feeding it direct power from an external source if the harness wires do not provide good power and ground. Then measure if you get power to the harness connector going to the motor, when everything is turned on. Note that simply getting 12V does mean it can carry high current that is needed to spin the motor. But it would tell us something. Let me know how comfortable you are measuring with a Voltmeter and testing things on your own if I try to walk you through. Most of the stuff you need to get your hands on are under the dash. Oh, I do need to know what vehicle you have, make model and year. For some reason I can't see it now, you may have entered it somewhere. Jan