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Audi A6 Quattro: Hi RoyI have an 4,2l Audi A6 V8 gasoline,

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Hi Roy
I have an 4,2l Audi A6 V8 gasoline, no turbo, 2005, 100 000 miles - it loses power completely when outside temperatures are hot exceed 26 deg C. It feels like the fuel is being cut off - blowing the inside of the MAF Meter with compressed previously sorted the problem. This has occurred on several occasions over the last 2-3 years. Due to re-occurance more often we replaced the MAF but the problem persists. My local mechanic says that there are error codes showing bank 1 and bank 2 are too lean. He wants to take out the catalytic convertors to solve. Prior to the most recent service I had to top up oil - first time this has occurred - not sure if related. Please advise.
good afternoon this is Roy

the codes can come from many things. low fuel pressure, vacuum leaks, pcv valve or mass air flow .those all need to be monitored and checked.

as far as the engine running, I would look at the coolant sensor as it is temp related and controls mixture at different temps.

I would not anything with the converters till the back pressure is checked to confirm they are clogged.

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