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Experience:  I am a Master Certified ASE technician. ASE Certs A1-A9 & L1. I have been a general auto repair tech for over 18 years.
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Cadillac Deville: i just bought a 1998 deville with the norstar

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i just bought a 1998 deville with the norstar v8. 143k miles. it is a beautiful car, it doesn't overheat. I want to be proactive and have the head gasket fixed. any suggestions on where to go where they will do that for me without taking advantage of me on the money. How much should it cost?

Hello and welcome. I will try and assist you with your question.


To get you in the ball park area I would say in the $2500-$3000 range to do the job. It calls for 19 hrs of labor to do head gaskets. These engines are known for stripping the head bolt threads out upon re-torquing the head bolts. This is something that I would suggest them taking care of at the time of repair to save any possible problems later. They will need to install time-serts. This will take a couple of hours for them to do. I would say in the range of 22-23 hrs total @ $100 hr average (do not know where you live) $2200-$2300 Then there should be some machine shop time to get the heads milled and checked. Cost could go up here if they see anything wrong. Then you will have parts like gaskets, coolant, oil change etc.


As far as where to go...... That is more up to you. The dealer might be the best but more $$$. Check reviews online, there is also Angies List that might be able to help you out. A lot of independent shops do not like to deal with these engines so ask up front. Check there knowledge of them. You want someone that will do it right the first time.


I hope this has helped you out. Please ask if there is anything else that I can help you with.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I said it doesn't over heat, you tell me, the temp runs down the road about 197-200 degrees in 70 degree weather, i let it sit and idle, it will heat up to 205-210, doesn't go above 213,. I shut it off, the heat goes up, that I expect.

I can touch the valve covers, and intake even after a long drive. So I think I have no problems, yet. I want to drive it some more. do you think that is ok?

Sorry I thought that you wanted to replace them before they went bad.


Those temps seem perfectly fine. Not sure about your location but they seem to begin to show signs when you are under load for a while like driving down the highway and going up a steep incline. I had one that would run around all day perfect but in you went up the mountain it would overheat within 2 miles.


Definitely drive it and keep an eye on it. Putting it under load is the best way to check.



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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks. I will drive it a little, get it inspected and licensed. I'm in Missouri, a few hills, I live north of the Ozarks, and they aren't much in elevation, mostly good 2 or 4 lane highway driving or around town. And I am going to research mechanics to get it fixed. All of what you said squares with what I thought, a little pricier on the on the repair, I figured 2k, but it is a Cadillac. I'll still have a great car for a fine price.


Thanks for your thoughtful advice.



No problem, Anytime. Yea they are pricey but they are nice cars. Have a great day.
Chris and 5 other Car Specialists are ready to help you