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Ford Transit: Hi,I have a Luton body Ford Transit 07. It

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I have a Luton body Ford Transit 07. It has had a small water leak for a while, a mechanic said that it was the water pump that was leaking. I've kept an eye on the water level in the coolant since and so far so good. However a few days ago it started overheating, never done this before. I stopped, checked water level and it wasn't low so I was surprised it was overheating. Continued journey and so long as I kept revs down it didn't overheat. The water disappeared however and there is oil in the coolant, though there are no leaks on the floor. My new garage thinks it is head gasket, but after googling and seeing your answer to a similar question I think it may be oil cooler or water pump. Do you agree and if so how can I know if it is the oil cooler or the water pump. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX Birmingham
good afternoon my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will assist you today.

a head gasket can be confirmed by a leak down test or a chemical test. I prefer the leak down test.

yes, the oil cooler could be the issue but has to be inspected by the tec for a failure.

the water pump will have to be removed to see if the impeller has broken, which does happen.

a head gasket is a result of overheating, not the cause. check the thermostat as well.

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