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Audi TTS: Good morning I live in Canada and im putting

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Good morning

I live in Canada and i'm putting my car away for the Winter - i drive a 2011 Audi TT-S.

Should i remove the battery and place it on a trickle charge during the winter months or should i start the car every 2 weeks for 20 minutes or so until it gets to normal operating temperature?

I heard that my Audi as a second battery for the existing anti-theft system somewhere in the car, will this impact the car if i remove the main battery?

Sorry for these questions - it's my first Audi ;-)

Hello and welcome to just answer. If you are just storing it for the Winter, Then here is what you should do: Leave the batteries in the vehicle, but do connect a trickle charger to the main battery. You can purchase a low amperage battery tender / charger that is designed for this purpose. I recommend leaving the battery in because this way the computer memories will stay current and not be erased. This will also keep the auxiliary anti theft battery charged up and healthy. It would be a good idea to start it once a month ( not every 2 weeks) and let it warm up until the radiator fan cycle on and off, then shut it off. This will circulate oils and fluids which is good to keep seals from drying out.. Now one more thing you may want to do if possible, is to safely put the vehicle up on 4 jack stands to get the tires off of the ground. This is good for the tires.
I hope this information helps, and let me know if you need further assistance with this.
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