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2006 GS300 Lexus - Engine misfire recall

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I have had issues with my GS300 2006 Lexus for some time now. VSC light came on and I thought it was a fuel cap issue. I had the fuel cap replaced. Car felt shakey and would feel like it will die on me at a stop light. I had a transmission fluid change at 117K, car ran fine. Yesterday, the VSC light came on again and this time the car actually died after I sat idle. I took it to Lexus dealer and they informed me of a misfire engine recall.  Today I was told they will fix the recall issue, but I have to replace my transmission.  They are saying that the transmission issue could be because I had the fluid changed at 117k when it was due for a scheduled maintenance at 125k.  


1) Can the pistons and engine misfire recall cause issues to the transmission?


2) How can a transmission fluid change cause the transmission to be replaced even if it was done at 117k miles?


3) I cannot afford the price they are asking me to pay for the transmission.  What are my options with Lexus Corporate?


4)  I was able to drive my car to the dealership and per the mechanics there, even if I don't fix my transmission now, I would be able to drive it, but it would show up in diagnostics if I tried to trade in my car?



Hello and thank you for your questions,

1. The engine misfire recall should have no effect on the transmission.


2.Changing the transmission fluid a little early should have had no adverse effect on the transmission as long as the proper amount and type where added during the service.

3. If you actually do need a new transmission all you can do is present your cases to Corporate and see if they will assist you with this repair. Unfortunately we do not work for Lexus so we can not say one way or the other. You have nothing to loose by trying.

4. If you are able to drive the car with no transmission symptoms then its hard to believe you need a new one. I think you need to seek out a second opinion. Something just doesn't sound right here at all.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Morning sir,


I agree with you on that something doesn't sound right. I spoke to the other mechanic last night who supposedly did a transmission fluid. He told me that he didn't do a transmission fluid change, instead, he topped off my fluid so my car would drive smooth.


I think I am being cheated here by the advisor for a possible kickback. It's really too bad that this has to happen.


I appreciate your help. Thank you,

Aanal, I would have to agree, don't trust them because even if the fluid was changed a little early it would not cause the transmission to fail. Unfortunately there are those out there that are not always honest.

Thank you as well.
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