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Greg, Technician
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Mitsubishi VRX380: Hi Greg,I have a 2006 vrx 380. The engine

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Hi Greg,
I have a 2006 vrx 380. The engine oil light came on today, however it would go out when the engine went above 2000RPM. I have recently had the oil and filter changed. This time however a good quality penrite oil was added.
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Is the engine making a ticking noise at idle .

If the engine is not making any noise what so ever and is running smooth then check the oil pressure with a mechanical oil pressure gauge ,as i think you only have a problem with the sender oil unit switch .
Oil pressure test .


If pressure is low then please get back to me id pressure is normal replace the oil pressure switch .

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Rgds Greg
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Greg,

I am getting a slight ticking noise but the car has been doing that for years. I recently put a new filter and penrite oil in the car which reduced the ticking.



Hi Brad

These engines are known to tick when they get older ,a good thing to do is give the engine a good 20 minute engine flush the next time you change the oil .

Replace the oil pressure switch pretty sure this is your only issue, unless you have engine sludge ,to check for this is to remove one of the valve coves (1-2 hr job).

If it looks like this photo then this has to be cleaned out .(not your engine just an example )

If it looks like this then the oil pan will have to be removed and the bottom halve cleaned out ,this will block off the oil pick up tub strainer.

Below other photo showing strainer blockage .

Rgds Greg