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i have a 4/1995 jeep cherokee sports xj, vin 1j4fjb8s7sl523259i

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i have a 4/1995 jeep cherokee sports xj, vin 1j4fjb8s7sl523259
i have no speedo,tacho,instruments the headlights come on sometimes but may go out after a minute or so on occassions the tail dont come and the licence plate lights dont come on,but when i ran power direct from the battery to the tailights all lights work ok.
the engine runs ok and starts ok the interior lights come on when needed the cig lighter works the reversing lights dont come but when powered by direct power they work fuses are intact
my question is would these problems related to the pcm if i change the pcm do i need one with the same number 948 and does it have to be programmed for the car
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

PCM stands for powertrain control module, the PCM controls only engine related functions and won't be related to the lighting issues, most likely not the gauge issues.

The gauges not working may be an internal instrument cluster failure, a connection issue, or a bus communication problem. The CCD bus is the two wire network that all modules communicate on.

Are warning lights staying on? If there was a bus problem then all warning lights should also stay on. If the bus is down it will prevent the gauges from working and you should see at least the airbag and ABS lights on. A bus issue could be an internal failure in a module or a short to power or ground on either of the bus wires.

There were problems with poor connections in the instrument cluster connectors directly behind the cluster, replacement of the connectors may be necessary to repair the gauges. The first thing that would need to be done is verify with a scan tool that bus communication with other modules is ok, if the cluster doesn't communicate but others do then the problem has to be the cluster, poor power or ground, or it's connections.

The headlamps going out is most likely the switch itself but could be high current draw due to a wiring issue. There is a circuit breaker inside the switch that is likely opening and that's why the lights go out. The problem could be a short to ground after the switch or the switch itself.

The park lamp issue may be the headlamp switch, park lamp relay or it's wiring.

The reverse lamp issue, assuming the fuse isn't blown, could be wiring or the transmission range sensor. The range sensor on this trans wasn't an uncommon failure.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

there are no lights whatsoever on in the cluster

i did locate one power source to the connector with a multi meter i cheched some lines on the printed circuit and got a reading of continuuity

i changed the cluster. it seems that no info going to it.

i did find that it was the headlight switch and i rigged up another pull switch as a temp these now operate ok


Does the cluster not power up whatsoever?


When checking for power did you do so with the key on?