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Hyundai sante fe: i am having some noise regarding the fan

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i am having some noise regarding the fan belts for my Hyundai santa fe 2.2cc year 2006.
I change the tensioner assy but the noise continue. from where the noise is coming from, I don't know.
good afternoon my name is XXXXX XXXXX i will assist you today.

If you remove the belts is the noise still there???

if it is, then it is not the belts. if it is not, then examine the belt for any metal showing as that is the primary reason for noisy belts. spray some water on the belt while running and see if the noise goes away.

make sure all the pulleys are free and make no noise while spinning by hand.

bad rating???????????really????????????you never responded to me or gave me a chance to continue......... not fair

I will continue if you like but you must remove the bad rating

otherwise, good luck trying to get an answer

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It not the belt. It might be we have to change the alternator pulley or sir cond pulley.

ok, do you want me to continue?? I made suggestions that you never responded to and I cannot see it or hear it, and you rate me bad?????????

I will continue to help if you need it but please remove the bad rating

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Actually the belt seems a bit loose that why it made the noise. How to stop the noise I don*t know.

ok, did you remove the rating???

what have you done exactly?? I asked you to remove the belt and see if the noise is still there. then you need to check the pulleys to very no bearing failures. the tensioner needs to be checked as well. and lastly, the belt can show no metal ribs on either side from wear. a simple test is to spray with water and see if the noise goes away for a minute

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