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Tundra V8 Limited 4x4: 2004 tundra double cab. Have had no

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2004 tundra double cab. Have had no problems until 2 days ago. Parked truck and while walking away, noticed no response from lock button on key fob. Tried both lock/unlock buttons...nothing. (Battery in fob is fairly new.) Went back truck, put key in ignition, tried to turn on, everything dead. Totally. No dash lights/no interior lights/no clock. Nothing! Turned key on/off several times with everything being totally dead. Popped hood to ck battery, etc. While under hood, noticed interior lights came back on. Went inside, turned truck over and started right up. However, clock time was wrong and trip odometers were zeroed out. Started truck repeatedly with no problems (key fob worked fine too.) Yesterday had one other instance of no ignition response (but it took only 2 times of off/on key turn til it started.) However, clock and trip odometers have zeroed out several times. Battery is less than year old (and gauge shows good chg.) Fuses all look ok. Truck runs fine otherwise.
It definitively sounds like you have a loose connection, either at the battery or the starter. Check all connections for any play or corrosion build up. If all is ok, I would have the battery checked at any auto parts store. Just because the gauge is reading 12 volts, does not mean the battery is ok. Having it checked will not cost anything but some time. Let me know the outcome.
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Thank you for the positive rating. It is very much appreciated. Please let me know if I can assist further.