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Legend: We need a radio code for our 1993 Legend. It sat for

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We need a radio code for our 1993 Legend. It sat for a year and is running fine now. The code written in the manual for it is 63834 ( six three eight three four.) which is hand written by the previous owner. When I put this in, I heard a loud hum and the radio static too. Also the SN is listed as 012465 (zero one two four six five.)

Honda will only give out the radio code to the current owner of the vehicle. This is to prevent theft of the radio. You can visit any Acura or Honda dealer's parts counter for this information. It does not cost anything, but you will have to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle, so be sure to take your driver's license and your title or registration. You may also click on the link below and save yourself a trip to the dealer:


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I asked because I read where other Acura owners were getting the code. So because we are not the original owners, we then cannot supply the phone number on file, so we won't be able to retrieve the code? On the Acura site, the codes were being given out, just by the serial number.




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I'm not pleased with that response. Thanks for the link but that will not do me any good. I've just gotten conflicting info, and will keep trying to get the code without having to find an Acura Dealership. I hear they want to charge money for this.

If you are not able to get the code via the website, just visit any Honda or Acura dealer's parts counter. They will supply you w/ the code at NO charge. You just have to present documentation that you are the current registered owner. I, nor anyone other than the dealer, can look up this information for you. Honda has this procedure in line to prevent theft. If it was possible to look up the code just using the serial number, anyone can steal a radio, and get the code. I must ask that you change my rating. This is very important as it shows other customers that I give good service. Even just 1 poor rating reflects bad on me (not the website, just me.) This is a big deal. Please reconsider.

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