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Jaguar X-Type: airbag light

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hit a deer, airbags did not deploy, light flashed 1 3, changed module (used but not activated) now light flashes 2 4, the front sensor wire was broken, but has been repaired What is 2 4 ?? Nearest Jaguar dealer is 420 miles.. Tell me what to do. Also replaced front sensor,  could front sensor wires been  reversed/switched when repaired/spliced? 

The code you have is for the drivers curtain airbag module.To test the circuit you need a simulator connected to the airbag harness,or you could replace the module.I wish I could be of more assistance but this is the only procedure that the manufacture has.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

One more question where is the drivers curtain airbag module located (or is this module incorperated in the main module or is is under the seat??) and could the driver's seat belt buckle cause this problem? Could the driver's side sensor (I know this location) be

part of this circuit?? Thanx, will give you Excellent service , Thanx Jerry

The module is located under the head liner between the A and C pillar on the drivers side.The code you gave me is not for the seat belt buckle or the drivers side sensor.Those components have different codes, which is why there are so many different codes as to identify which component is defective.
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