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Mazda 6 Mazdaspeed: I have a 2006 madza speed6. Just bought

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I have a 2006 madza speed6. Just bought it and there seems to be problemssss with either the engine or the turbo or both of them. I head a small rattle coming from the timing chain when I start the engine, especially if it was off for a prolonged time. The car looses near three litre of oil every 600 klms. Also I looked at the Radiator and tried to top it up. After pouring about a cup of coolant I started to see some black liquid oozing out of the rad opening. I smell smoke sometimes but once when I reved up the engine it looked like a black smoke mixed with oil coming from the muffler. How much repair cost you anticipate to fix these issued.

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!


The noise from the timing chain could be a few things.


It may be the timing chain itself has stretched to the point where the tensioner can no longer keep proper tension on it. It could also be a tensioner issue, the tensioner is spring loaded but it's main operation is hydraulic, these tensioners can start to stick or the spring become weaker as they age. This engine also has variable valve timing on both cams, bad cam phasers can cause timing chain noise on startup also.


The oil in the coolant could be caused by a leaking headgasket, cracked head or block, but it may just be the oil cooler. If the oil cooler ruptures then it will push oil into the cooling system.


The high oil consumption could be valve seals or a piston ring/cylinder wall issue, but it may be the turbo. If the seals in the turbo fail it can push oil out the compressor section into the intake tract or it can push oil out of the turbine section and directly into the exhaust. A compression and leakdown test can be done to help determine the health of the engine, and the turbo, exhaust and intercooler tract can be checked for the presence of oil from a leaking turbo.

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