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07 mb c280. The check engine lite on

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i have an '07 mb c280. The check engine came on out of the blue today. the car is running perfectly fine. I have it maintained as required. The last time this happened it was caused by dirty filters. without a code, can you tell me what kinds of problems can cause the light to come on when the car is running fine?


in Aug 2012, the a/c stopped cooling. I took it in for service. they ran dye thru lines to check for Freon leak, finding none. they put more in and off i went. in may '13, same thing again. same service no leak, filled it up.  Aug '13, same thing.  



Hi On this car it could be anything of a 1000 codes from the A/C system to the drive train .

When the management system finds a problem within the systems it will recode a code and trip on the check engine light ,
This is to notify you that the management system has found a fault that needs checking. .

If the engine and the test of the car is running good then there is no great rush but when you can get your car hooked up to a diagnostic scan tool and check what malfunction codes you have .then you will know what has to be repaired or replaced to fix this issue.

For example you may and i say may have a problem with one of the exhaust system O2 sensors ,when this fails you will in many cases not notice any drivability issues ..

There are many issue that can cause the check engine light to come on and not notice any problem .

Hope this answered your question and if you need further assistance with this issue then please get back to me if needed.

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For further assistance there is no extra charge after accepting.

Rgds Greg
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
While I was waiting on your response, my husband took the cover off of the engine, as well as a couple hoses and checked the two filters that caused the check engine light to come on last Christmas. They were clogged then and not letting enough air through. The mechanic changed them and it fixed the problem. When my husband checked them tonight, they still look almost new. However, once he put everything back together, I moved the car back to it spot in the garage and the light is now NOT lit up. ?? Could something as simple as a hose or something being lose cause the light to come on? I love my car and keep it serviced, but all of these trips to the mechanic are quite costly and making me doubt the good reputation MB has.
Hi Leann.

Yes this can get annoying popping off to the mechanics all the time .

Well if the light is now off and it does not come back on in the next few days driving then you most likely did have something disconnected and it has now seen that the problem is no longer there and switched off the warning light .

What i suggest you do if the light does come back on then take a drive over to AutoZone and get a free code readout done ,then get back to me with the recorded code .Wink save good cash this way as it maybe just a simple issue .

Kindest regards Greg