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F250 Ford: 04 f250 wont start. Started fine drove aprox 30

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04 f250 won't start. Started fine drove aprox 30 min. Shut off for about 20 min. Would no start. New batteries 3 months ago. EGR delete kit about 2 yrs. ago. Installed a predator turner about 1.5 yrs ago. Just turned 101k on odometer.
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX when we see a vehicle with these symptoms, we find there is a high pressure oil leak inside the engine, the high pressure oil is used to run the fuel injectors, the computer needs to see 500 psi before it fires the fuel injectors. It could be a standpipe, block off plug, fuel injector, HP oil pump, branch tube are the possibilities. If you let the truck sit for a few hours and it starts back up, more than likely this is the problem, what needs to be done next is a air pressure leak test to find out where the oil is being lost. Let me know if you need further help or if the truck doesn't start after a few hours. Thanks Scott
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks Scott, seems to do the trick after sitting overnight the truck started up just like nothing happened so what should I tell all my mechanic when I take it over there?
First have them check for codes, usually a P2291 will be stored, have them monitor the ICP pressure and see if it is low while cranking while the engine is hot, oil over 185 degrees, if it is less than 500 psi, then perform a air pressure test on HP oil system.