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Suzuki Escudo: Good day I have a Suzuki Escudo 2001. The steering

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Good day I have a Suzuki Escudo 2001. The steering is very difficult, I have added power steering fluid, however it has not improved the steering.

Welcome! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to assist you with this problem.

how low was the fluid ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Im an not sure but I used approximately 1/2 the bottle to fill it.



and turning either right or left there is no power steering assist felt at all ? with the engine running when you turn the steering wheel do you hear the power steering pump whine or make noise ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No I do not feel any assistance from the power steering. I do not hear any whining or noise when I turn.


Ok Nicole what more than likely has happened is the power steering pump was run with low fluid in it before you filled it back up and the pump has become damaged

since it will be hard BOTH ways when turning it is a bad power steering pump

if it was hard one way and easy the other way then we would be looking elsewhere

Nicole having the power steering pump replaced will correct this problem and also since you had to add a lot of fluid there is a power steering fluid leak causing the fluid to run low

this can be from the power steering pump or a power steering fluid line or possibly the steering gear leaking the fluid that will need to be corrected also as if you have a leak at a line or the gear and you replace the pump it will be fine again until the fluid runs low from the leak and can damage the new pump

so you know it needs a new pump but before it gets replaced finding the fluid leak needs to be done so you do not damage a new pump

hopefully the leak is from the pump and replacing the pump will correct both the leak issue and the hard turning issue


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