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I have an 04-05 awd land rover 4.6L that needs a transmission

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I have an 04-05 awd land rover 4.6L that needs a transmission 2nd gear is shot do I need to reprogram the computer after replacement for it to run correctly

The transmission will be plug and play, with no programming or anything of the sort. Unhooking the negative battery terminal is all that is needed.
The TCM does store a calibration for the transmission, however it is only specific o which engine is mated to the transmission, nothing more. If you plan to replace the TCM (no reason if it is confirmed a mechanical failure), then you would need to make sure it is calibrated for a 4.6 engine and not a 4.0. With just a transmission swap you just remove and replace and you'll be good to go.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok, I've never turned wrenches on a Land Rover before so is there anything I need to watch out for other than having to remove more than ussual compared to the typical vehicle
Yes, a bit more work than typical to remove, and some tight spots as well. Otherwise its more or less business as usual, just like changing one in a Tahoe etc.

The transmission does have an access hole for the torque converter bolts which is nice, no fighting through the starter opening.
I've left the reverse switch plugged in by accident, so watch that... it does have a separate one apart from a range switch unlike most vehicles.
Getting to the bellhousing bolts is a bit of a pain.... you can't really do the "2 feet of extensions" trick, you really need to lower the transmission down some to get decent access.
This is pretty standard procedure, but make sure the torque converter is seated well before the new unit goes in. This is one of those transmissions where if the torque converter is not full seated It will only drag a little on the flex plate and not immediately appear wrong, but when you start the truck it will damage the oil pump. Even if it looks 100%, I always grab the top and bottom of the bellhousing and use my thumbs to try to "Walk" the converter farther in, just to be safe. Thats an expensive "oops".
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ha!!! Awesome!!! Thanks for that info bro you helped out a lot I'll be back again I'm sure cuz I'm doing a lot more mechanical work now
No worries Steve, good luck!