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Subaru Outback XT Limited: Hi, I have a 2006 subaru outback

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Hi, I have a 2006 subaru outback XT with Automatic transmission. I have noticed that when I turn on the Cruise Control, the car does not hold the speed steady on flat ground. It lunges like it wants to pick up speed and slows down all in one motion. It's very strange and makes it quite annoying to drive long distances. The car run fines normal operation and the turbo kicks in like it should. I have brought it to a dealership and they don't know what it is exactly without having to look at it and spend a lot of money. What are some suggestions to what the problem may be?

Ok, the best way for diagnosing this is having the control module scanned with a diagnostic scanner for any stored fault codes. But since you seem opposed to spending money for proper diagnostics, based solely upon symptoms, it is either the vehicle speed sensor or the cruise control module

If you had it scanned and had the fault codes, I could go further and give you the diagnostic testing procedures, but without them, all I can do is give you the 2 most likely causes
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