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am new to this forum and this is

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 I am new to this forum and this is my first Volvo I have owned. I have just purchased a Volvo s60 2002 model non turbo 5 cylinder. I purchased it from a car auction. At the car auction I started the car, car started nice idled well. I let it run for a while all seem good so I purchased it. When I left the auction yard a few kilometres do the road I put my foot down to pass a slower vehicle, all of a sudden the vehicle start reving at full throttle and the brake petal went hard. I had the car towed to my work. I removed the throttle body intake tube and found the butterfly stuck full open in the throttle body. On further examination I found that the butterfly in the throttle body was binding so I removed it purchase a used throttle body that has the yellow sticker on it and it a 2010 build throttle body. I installed it, started the car, car started nice idled a little high like the chokes were on. It idled like this for approximatle 1-2 minutes then all of a sudden the rpms went right up to 2000 rpms, it stayed like that for 1-2 minutes then the rpms drop right down then the car started idling like it is missing on 2 cylinders or it's in limp mode. If I shut the engine down and restart it, it will do the same thing. There is no engine warning displayed on the dash board. I scanned the computer cleared the errors, still the same. I scanned the computer again and the error It logged was a P0507 I also changed the MAF sensor on an off chance it might be that causing this issue and still the same. Can anyone shed any light on this for me Cheers FrankO

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with your Volvo. The throttle body you installed, did you get a software download after installation or was it from xemodex which would need no download, the other thing is that there should be a fuse for the throttle body also I do believe that it is fuse number 7 check all your fuses when the old one stuck it may have blown the fuse also.

if you do find a blown fuse your throttle needs a download to to work correctly. the only way is to find a shop with vadis system or go to volvo dealer. this will cost about $250 for dealer to do it. your throttle needs a downlaod to to work correctly.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Jack and thank you for your prompt response.
I purchased the throttle body as a used throttle body and installed it without a getting a software download. The throttle body I purchased is Magnet Areli made in Italy . This throttle body is the same as the original throttle body that was on the car only difference is that the original throttle body had a white sticker and the one i purchased has is a yellow sticker.
I have checked all the fuse and they are all fine.
Frank, the only way to make it work right is to find a shop with a vadis system or a Volvo dealer, this has to be programmed for your car to work correctly. Jack
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