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subaru outback: I have a 1999 Subaru outback and my clutch

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I have a 1999 Subaru outback and my clutch is going out. It will engage the transmission up to about 2000 RPM. Is there anything I can do short of replacing the clutch? If I have to replace the clutch how hard and how much should that cost me to do myself? Are any special tools required?


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About the only things you can do are check the slave/master operation and bleed the clutch... if that does not work then sadly as much as I wish there was another way, the only option is to preform a clutch replacement.

The most important part of replacement will be use an entire clutch pack including pressure plate and use the alignment tool, also check the flywheel for heat marks/damage and cracks and have it turned/replaced as needed. Any oil/grease should be cleaned before putting everything back together and remember to also replace the throwout bearing and pilot bearing along with rear main seal visual inspection.

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