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RDX: hi master tech. i own a 2008 acura rdx. i had the key

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hi master tech. i own a 2008 acura rdx. i had the key in the ignition and in the on position to read the onboard meter/get tire pressure readings, but did not have the engine turned over. I had this on for about 8 minutes before the car's radio just stopped broadcasting music. When I went to turn the car on/turn the engine over, all i get is a rapid series of clicking noises and the engine will not turn over. can you give me your insights?
You absolutely have a dead (or very low charged) battery. The battery's sight indicator (green eye) is completely unreliable. Trust me on this one. Get the battery jumped, and drive to the your local auto parts store to have the battery tested. It will test bad or at the very best "marginal." If it has been at least 4 years since you replaced the battery, regardless of the test results, I would replace it again. If has it has been less than 4 years, you may have a warranty on the battery depending on where you purchased it from. You really don't want to just let the radio run w/o the engine running for more than about 5 minutes. Even a brand new battery would only last about 30 - 45 mins without the engine running.
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