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We have a 05 Pacifica a cheap one small motor. All wheel drive.

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We have a 05 Pacifica a cheap one small motor. All wheel drive. I hit the windshield washer and lost all accessories, heater fan, windows,radio,ect. It will start but can't get it out of park without pushing the pink button. The front wiper relay clicks when the key is on. Don't seem to have any blown fuses. Maybe more important the drivers window is down and it's going to rain. Can I take out the drivers door node fuse and jump from the bat. to that pin so I put the window up?

Thanks Tom



My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be helping you with your issue. Chrysler's of your model year seem to have an odd issue where the accessories will work if the key is in Run, but the engine is off, try that first to get your window up, then we can look at diagnosis.



The two causes of this issue are the Integrated Power module (IPM) under the hood, of the ignition switch in your steering column. Sometimes the IPM will get battery acid, water, or other contaminants on it, and it will shut down the accessory relay (which powers your windows, radio, wipers, fan, ect). So lets start with a visual inspection of the IPM. pop the hood and check the IPM for damage or obvious signs of getting liquid inside it. The IPM is part of your under hood Fuse/Relay box. If you have a voltmeter, you can test circuits T751 and T752 at the Intelligent Power Module, there should be battery voltage when craning and 0 voltage when the engine is running at these circuits. See Pic for IPM location:



To test the ignition switch you will need a scan-tool to verify the ignition switch position sensor lines up with the actual position of the key. Try the IPM first and let me know how it goes. If we need to test the ignition switch, I can walk you through that as well.




Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The key in run didn't work. It looks like the I P M is the fuse panel and it looks fine . It's clean in side. I'm not sure if I said the front wiper relay clicks when the key is on.

The relay clicks, but nothing engages? And is this the case with the wiper switch in the off position?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes, wiper switch off , key on and will keep clicking awhile after the key turned off. Also with the key on if window switch is moved there's a click in the doors.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I've been saying it wrong. It's the front wiper high- low relay that clicks. I have swapped and the acc relay out to no avail.

This might just be a physical connection issue in the steering column. Everything is packed in there tight, so it is possible that you knocked a connector loose when you engaged the wipers. Pull the lower cover off the column and ensure all the connectors are in tight.

Next thing to check is going to be the Grounds. The most likely one is the BCM ground, it is in the driver side foot well, under the BCM. After that, we will need to look at the main battery grounds under the battery in the engine bay. The more I think about the one clicking relay, the more I lean towards the grounds being corroded/bad connections.

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