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Nissan Skyline: Hey i was wondering if someone can help me

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Hey i was wondering if someone can help me on some torque settings for main, big ends bearings and flywheel settings on my RB20DET please???

2. Install crankshaft, main bearing caps and beam. Torque main bearing bolts in sequence shown in Fig. 34. as follows:
a. Torque bolts to 24-28 ft. lbs.
b. Turn bolts 45-50° clockwise or if angle wrench is not available, tighten bolts to 54-61 ft. lbs.

3. Ensure crankshaft turns smoothly by hand.
4. Measure crankshaft endplay. Endplay should be .0039-.0102 inch.
5. Install connecting rod and caps.
6. Install pistons with connecting rods in proper cylinders, noting the following:
a. Ensure not to scratch cylinder wall with connecting rod.
b. Apply engine oil to cylinder wall, piston and bearing.
c. Arrange so that front mark of piston head faces toward front of engine.

7. Install connecting rod bearing caps and torque connecting rod bearing nuts to 10-12 ft. lbs., then turn nuts 60-65° clockwise or if angle wrench is not available, tighten bolts to 28-33 ft. lbs.
8. Measure connecting rod side clearance. Clearance should be .0079-.0138 inch.
9. If clearance is not within specifications, replace connecting rod and/or crankshaft.
10. Install rear oil seal retainer.


flywheel bolts torque is 110 ft lbs

Just checking in to see if everything is ok ? If so please take time to fill out excellent service for the help given
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