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range rover HSE: hi I have a 2003 range rover hse and lately

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hi I have a 2003 range rover hse and lately something is killing my battery if the car sits for a day or so I think theres a short somewhere can you let me know if the alarm has anything to do with it

Test for a drain on the battery by a using
an ammeter. Disconnect the negative battery terminal and hook the ammeter with
the positive test lead on the disconnected negative battery cable and negative
test lead on negative battery post. Turn everything off, close the doors and if
you have a hood light remove the bulb.

With the negative battery terminal
disconnected, an ammeter between the cable and post see if you have a
drain showing on ammeter. A reading on the ammeter over 50 milliamps shows that
something is draining the battery. If so, start by unhooking the small
wires at the alternator and see if the ammeter drops to under 50
milliamps. If the ammeter now reads zero or less than 50 milliamps then
you have found the short. If the ammeter is still more than 50 milliamps, the
short is somewhere else. If the ammeter
just drops some, you still have a drain somewhere else so start pulling the
fuses 1 at a time and when you do find out when you pull a fuse and the drain
gets lower then put the fuse back in hook up the battery and make sure
everything on that circuit works. Let me know which fuse you pulled and I'll
upload the wiring diagram so you can check everything on that circuit and make
sure that it works. If something doesn't work on the circuit that is causing
the drain then it may be short-circuited with another circuit of shorted to
ground. That may help find where the short is if something don't work. So
with your 12-volt test light or voltmeter test the wiring to whatever doesn't
work to find out where it has voltage and all of a sudden looses voltage and
then repair that spot. If any drop some or allot write it down which fuse it
was and write down how much milliamps it dropped. Remember if you have to keep
the door open to pull the fuses just push in on the door switch after every
time you pull a fuse and go to look at the meter. When all fuses are pulled and
the alternator wires are off you should have no drain and written down
everything that was causing a drain. If you still have a drain with every fuse
pulled and the alternator wires off, then it must be something that is unfused
such as anything that may be fed from the light switch or fed from a fusible

Last if you have all the fuses out
and still have a drain disconnect the big wire at the alternator. If the drain
now goes away you have a bad diode in alternator.


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