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Chrysler 300: I have a 07 chrysler 300, i ran the car out if

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I have a 07 chrysler 300, i ran the car out if gas, the lights flickered, loss of power, no hazards, dash. No electrical at all. Found out battery was dead. Got new battery and changed ignition switch( electrical component.) i have power, but when i turn the key car wont turn over or start. Had starter checked. Starter was good.
What happens when you turn the key? Does the engine crank at all? How many miles do you have on the vehicle? Is the check engine light on, if so, what codes are in the system? Please answer each question and I will assist.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
When i turn the key nothing happens. No rotation of engine. I hear fuel pump, car has 139k. Engine light is not on. I put one gal of gas.
Was the battery and ignition switch replaced at a shop? Vehicle still at a shop? I would double check all connections at the battery terminals and ignition switch - make sure everything is solid and tightly connected. If so, I would then add additional fuel - at least 2 more gallons. Running out of gas will cause air in the fuel lines and that is one possibility of your no start condition. Usually a "no crank / no start" is an electrical problem vs. a "crank / no start" which is fuel related. Adding just 2 more gals. of gas is cheap insurance. Do that, then only prime the fuel pump meaning turn the key to "on" but not to start. Do it 3 times, then try to start it again. This will eliminate the possibility of air in the fuel lines. If that does not repair the issue, we can dig further.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I didnt take it to shop, i changed the battery and switch myself. I added the 2 gallons of gas and still no crank no start.

OK, sounds like we are good on the fuel side. The issue is going to be electrical. If you are sure, the battery, ignition switch, and starter are all good, the only other components left are the battery cables, the starter relay, and the neutral safety switch. The relay, I would just replace, for about $12, it is good insurance. If that doesn't do it, check the battery cables, make sure both connections at the battery terminals are good and tight, then check the ground cable, make sure it tight where is connects to the body / frame. Next will be the positive cable connection at the starter itself. Make sue it is tight, and there is no corrosion anywhere. If good there, move on to the neutral safety switch. It is also sometimes called a transmission range sensor. If this is faulty, the PCM won't know the trans is in park and will keep it from starting. The only other possibility is the crankshaft position sensor. If this is not sending a signal to the PCM, the engine will not start, but you will get a check engine light if the crank sensor is faulty. If all of these are good, the only other possibility will be a faulty PCM. See below for component locations: