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Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD: 2003 Duramax, 129000 miles about

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2003 Duramax, 129000 miles about 35,000 miles pulling a 25 ft. 6000 lb. trailer. I have noticed more than usual dark smoke on hard acceleration after truck has been siting for a few days. Now, after traveling on dirt back roads, slow speed for approximately 10 to 20 miles I accelerate on highway and get a lot of blue spoke for about 100 yds. Chevy sent me an extended warranty on the injectors, 200,000 miles or a few years. I would have had to travel about 30,000 miles a year to make sure I got to that mileage and the injectors were still covered and good under the repair coverage. Yes I think it is the injectors. I am retired and I think this will be a major problem, but hopping it is not. Truck runs ok on the highway.

Hello and welcome to Just Answer. I will try and assist you with your problem.


I think you are on the right track. Chevrolet had a big problem with these injectors that's why they extended the warranty. It is now 200,000 miles or 7 years (what ever comes first) so you are out of the warranty by time.


It sound like you are at the beginning stages of it. It usually is accompanied by a check engine light, hard/no start, Rough running. What happens is that the tips of the injectors crack (a piece could eventually brake off) and they will dump excess fuel into the cylinder. One thing you can watch for is your oil level and the presence of fuel in the oil. The only way to diagnose one in early stages is with a factory scanner or one that is capable of factory bi-directional controls to see if it can not achieve high fuel pressure. I hate to be the barer of bad news but at least you should still have a little time.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Check engine light has been on and off for last year. Had it checked by chev. dealer just before they went out of business. They said it was a glow plug problem. That my be with an injector problem on top of that. Has been a bad year for my chevy. Transfer case clip rattled a hole in the case and cost me big time. Then the pump in the transmission went out and along with new torque converter another bid deal. Has chevy helped any of these injector problems with any kind of discount on the parts? I am about 100 % sure of that answer.

Sorry to hear about all the troubles. I have fixed a few of those transfer cases myself. The help is a per basis thing. From what I hear it depends on how much you yell and scream. Maybe not with the dealer but with customer service hotline. Of course it would have to be diagnosed by them first. I have heard that they will throw in discounts if its a big fuss. This goes for any problem really not just these injectors. Like I said they obviously know that they have a problem with the extended warranty.
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