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Audi A8: I have a 2007 audi a8 L and experience water on the

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I have a 2007 audi a8 L and experience water on the passenger side. I could see water in the right front pillar, corner of the glovebox and the passenget side carpet. It's apparent I have a leak (very have rains at the end of last week) - wondering if it's a bad drain tube and about how much it will cost to get repaired and if replacing one should I replace them all.

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!


If you're seeing water in the pillar then it has to be coming from the windshield or is sunroof related, depending on exactly where you're seeing it. If the windshield hasn't been replaced or removed for some reason then it's much more likely to be sunroof related.


It's possible that you could have a broken drain tube but it isn't very common. Broken drain tubes usually are only a problem in the winter when one gets plugged and then water freezes in the tube, expands and cracks it. It's very rare to have to replace a sunroof drain tube.


It's more likely that you have one or more plugged tubes. It's possible that the sunroof may not be closing correctly or has a damaged seal though, I'd start by making sure it's in good condition and closing correctly.


From there I'd water test the tubes. With the glass open you can pour water into the drain trough and watch how fast it drains or if it drains at all. If it doesn't drain then most often the debris can be cleared by carefully blowing through the tube with a blow gun.


Replacement of the tubes would be pretty time consuming and expensive since so much has to be taken apart to replace them, the headliner would have to come down and many trim panels removed. You' be looking at about a half day's worth of work to replace them all. having a shop clear the tubes if they're clogged though shouldn't exceed .5-1 hour of labor.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

could you tell me when the tubes drain out of so that I can look for water coming out the other end. I believe I saw holds at all four corners of the sunroot. I will also take a look at the front windshield to see if it looks like it's seated properly.

Yes there are holes at all four corners. The tubes run down the A and C pillars and then out through the floorboards at each corner of the car, but the ends of the tubes aren't readily accessible. What you'll want to do is open the roof and slowly pour water into the channel near each drain hole and then watch under the car near each wheel. The tubes should pretty much take the water as fast as you can pour from a 20 ounce bottle within reason. If you have to pour and then stop to wait for it to go down then that particular tube is plugged.
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