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Hyundai Tucson GLS: I have a 2005 Hyundai Tucson I am unable

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I have a 2005 Hyundai Tucson I am unable to hook up with the code system. Also it will not start right now. I have checked for power and grounds and everything is fine. I know that the dianotic plug is hooked to the ETACS. I have no spark but the coils all check good.I have check fuses, relays and wiring according to the drawings on the hyundai web site. and I have not found anything wrong does anybody have an idea?
good evening my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will help you tonight

First, make sure the timing belt is turning. with no spark, that is first.

the crank sensor is very common for this issue of no spark.

does the check engine light work???

Do you have fuel pressure??

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

To start with the timing belt is turning and there is on spark, also so the check engine light does work, i'm not sure about fuel pressure but I will check it.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm Kurt the only part that I see on your ply is the timing belt is something. I assume that you want me to make sure that the timing is tight. Here is more information. First I replaced the alternator because it was worn out, the slip rings were gone. The the car would not start. I tried to check the codes and was unable to connect. I wiggled the 30amp and 40 amp fusable links and heard some clicking be I could not tell where in was coming from because I am deaf in one ear. After the click stopped the car started, I ran it down the road a few miles and it stopped one time but I was able the restart. While it was running it sounded very good and ran very well. It stopped again before I got back to my house and we have not been able to start it again. I check the prints and checked all hot leads and ground leads, they all check good. I checked the coils primary and secondary, I check wire harnesses for shorts and opens, they all checked good. I pull
one of the timming belt covers and checked the belt it's seems tight and in good shape. I checked the wires between the ECM, TCM and the ETACS. I used two diffent tester in case one might be bad.
I checked all the wires and joint connector in the engine compartment, there was a little corrosion on some relays but I was able to clean it up and I tightened the pin receivers. I hooked my meter up to the plugs on all list modules and moved the wires in the fuse box to see if I might have a loose wire but everything was good. I went and picked up a sued ECM and ETACS from another car of the same year, make and model, the part numbers matched on the two units. We then look at the car that we took the parts from and there was not body damage at all so we kind of think that the car had the same problem I have and they just junked it. I hope I gave you enough history about my problem.
Also I don't understand why I cannot cumunicate with it.

Hope you can help me

first put your old computers back in. the others will not work. the vin numbers will show a mismatch and it will not run. they would have to be flashed to your vehicle.

when you wiggled the fusible links and you heard noises, you may be on to something. re check those links for being tight

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

when the other computor did not work I already put the old ones back in, and I have already checked all the connections in the fuse box and I can not duplucate the clicking again. When I checked for power at the comuputor I tried to move the fuses and the wires to see if the power would drop off but I did not lose any at all, so everything is tight in the box. Today I replaced the crankshaft sensor and it did not make any differance. All the orginal parts are back in the car. I am trying to locate the adaptor to check the fuel pressure so we can what it is doing.
This still doesn't tell me why I can not cumunicate with the system to see what the problem is. I need to be able to cumunicate or I can not a safet tag in the State of New York.

ok, if you had spark, the crank sensor was good.

as far as communicating, what kind of scanner are you using??

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

As for scanners I am useing a ACTRON auto scanner and a INNOVA CanOBD2 diagnostic tool. I have used both of these scanners before and they worked then.

ok, in most cases of non communication, one of the modules is pulling down the network line. the modules are pcm, abs module, bcm or body control module, instrument panel module and the air bag module. To find the bad one, disconnect each module one at a time till you get communication. then you have found the module that is pulling down the network line.

time consuming job. thats why the diag for this at a shop is so expensive.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok I will try tomorrow

keep me updated.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

After doing as you said the only thing that let me was the ECM, everything else came back that it could not cummunicate with vehicle.

When I unhooked the ECM the scanner was able to link up to KWP2000 then it came up with the following "No powertrain DTC's or freeze frame data in presently stored in vehicle's computor press the DTC button to view your enhanced DTC". After pressing the DTC button it shows no VIN# it also showed Cal ID TJM4G27NA2 then CVN 9C 3B F8 B9. So I am assuming that the ECM is bad or did it just lose it program?

good job. the pcm is pulling down the network line.

I agree that it has failed but the question is why>>

when you get the new one, it has to be flashed to the car. it will come without a program to run the car. that what the flash is for. it installs an operating program specifically for your car.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

From what has happen in the past I think it has been going for a while. I had times that the car would not start and after a few tries it would start and be ok for quite awhile. This is the first time that it has started. I'm waiting to get a new right. I have a friend that works for a large car dealer, he thinks he can get the sanner and softwear needed to do the trick. I will let you know what happens.

good luck, keep me updated