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Mazda RX-8: Hi Drew,I recently changed my battery along

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Hi Drew,

I recently changed my battery along the lines of these instructions; but whilst the battery seems fine; I think now my engine is flooded. I've tried the instructions the car manual provides; but it just wont start. I think I'm going to kill my new battery with all the attempts I've made :/

Any tips for a flooded engine newbie :)


I am sorry that you have not been helped yet. I just came online and saw your question

If you still are having a problem getting it started due to flooding, remove the spark plugs and dry them out. with plugs out, remove the fuel pump relay or fuse and crank over a couple times to expel any excess fuel in the combustion chambers. Reinstall plugs and fuel pump relay/fuse and then crank over
Eric, Automotive Repair Shop Manager
Category: Car
Satisfied Customers: 32383
Experience: Automotive Repair Shop Manager, Technician/JA Mentor
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Thanks for the request and sorry for the delay.

If you suspect the engine is flooded, here is a procedure that Mazda recommends.
click here

This is what I do.
1. Install a battery charger or jumper cables to another vehicle to maintain full engine cranking power.

2. Remove the two vacuum port rubber plugs from the lower intake manifold and add a 1/2 quart of oil or trany fluid to each vacuum port. This will help build compression and make a good seal with the rotors.

3. Crank the engine while holding gas pedal down to floor for 20 seconds. Then let off gas pedal and crank again while feathering the gas pedal. You will hear the engine try to start or fire. If still no luck, add another 1/2 quart to each vacuum port and retry. Once the engine fires, you hold gas pedal to floor to clear out oil and flooded condition. There will be a lot of smoke but it's ok.