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Chry: Heater fan in T & C---You helped me with this last week.

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Heater fan in T & C---You helped me with this last week. I installed a new resistor from NAPA and the fan runs but all the time, even with the system turned off. With system powered on it runs at a medium speed. Powered off, it runs at recirculate speed. Key off, fan is off. NAPA is sure they supplied the right resistor and let me install a new one to verify the first was not defective.

I must admit that when I was trouble shooting the original problem I blew the 40 amp fuse.
How is the resistor pigtail (wire connector?) It is common for these to overheat and melt together causing an electrical short. If this is fine (no visible damage), you may need to replace the blower switch. What year is the Town & Country and which engine is in it?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The question page blinked out before I could finish it. 2005 T&C, 3.7L with auto temp control. I am thinking blower switch. Can I buy the switch only or must I buy the whole control unit?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Fan wire looks fine.


Can you give me a part number for the switch?

Yes, you can just replace the blower switch by itself. Part number(NNN) NNN-NNNNA and MSRP at the dealer is $62.45. I am not sure if this is available aftermarket, but give Napa a call and they can look it up.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The part number is for the rear climate control panel in the head liner. The only correct number I can find is 5136781AA and is for the complete control unit, which costs $600.


Is it possible to replace the speed control in the front unit?


How can I verify that it is the speed control which is bad.


Symptom review: The resistor was replace and verified good.

The fan runs with the unit powered or not.

When powered the fan runs at a medium speed. When not powered it runs at the faster speed for recirculate.

I did blow the 40 amp fuse while testing the fan motor.

I do apologize for giving you the rear part info instead of the front. It appears, that the front blower switch only comes as a complete control head assembly. You definitely have a short to power somewhere. Most likely it is the blower switch itself, but the circuit could always have a shorted wire too. Before replacing the entire control head, pull it out and trace the wire to the blower motor. Hopefully, you will see a frayed wire that can be easily repaired. The best way to test for this is to disconnect the control head (just unplug the connector) and straight wire the switch to the blower resistor. If the blower acts normal, then you have confirmed a wire issue and will have to trace down the blower circuit. If the blower acts the same when straight wired, you have confirmed the blower switch fault. See the wire diagrams below: