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Nissan 280zx: On the note of the 280zx u-joints, I am curious

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On the note of the 280zx u-joints, I am curious about removing the half haft to gain access to the u-joint (as I understand it I can only change the u-joint that is near the wheel, but not at the differential). Is it necessary to remove the entire rear drive shaft, or just unbolt the end that is going to be replaced? Thanks
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My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'll try to help you today. The U joint is replaceable without removing the shaft, if you can get enough room to work. Getting a U joint press or a large c-clamp into that small area is a challenge. Usually it is less frustrating to remove the shaft and work outside the car. If you are replacing the yolk and the U-joint I believe you do need to remove the shaft.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

By remove the shaft, do you mean removing the entire shaft/differential from the transmission? That to me seems, scary, it's a 32 year old car, I can feel the complications already (mostly I'm worried about the differential mount, I got up under there once and that guy is on there tight as a diamond, and there seems to be some sort of rubber/plastic part that will likely be destroyed in the removal). Thanks for the info.

I meant removing the shaft from the differential. But, looking further into it, and into the age of your car I'd say try your best to replace it without further disassembly. The Yoke can be removed from the differential side of the shaft(it can be replaced separately too, I see them going for $125 ish on Ebay), so that is an option as well.

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